Mountain Biking

A Few Ideas On Biking

Radium Hot Springs is perfectly situated for biking for anyone from a beginner to an advanced downhill rider.  Biking terrain is not only abundant in the Radium Hot Springs and Columbia Valley area, but close.

Not sure where to bike?  Here’s a few ideas for bike trails and bike trail networks in and around Radium Hot Springs, Invermere, the Columbia Valley and Rocky Mountains.

Ride the Village

Ride the quiet paved streets of the Village of Radium Hot Springs.  Venture into the Springs Golf Course for a spectacular view of the Columbia Valley Wetlands.  You could make 8 Km of this ride with ease.

Pump & Jump Track

A hidden gem of Radium Hot Springs.  Located in Sinclair Canyon alongside the Sinclair Creek Trail, you’ll feel like you’re in the heart of the forest, but you never left the Village.  This dirt track is great fun for adults and kids alike, and features bumps and banks configured for beginner and intermediate levels.  Test your skill with a rented bike in circling the track with nothing but shifting your own weight on the bike after a few cranks on your way in.  Thanks to CVCS and Rotary Club for this one.

Sinclair Creek Trail

A popular biking and hiking trail right in the Village of Radium Hot Springs, this trail is hidden away at the bottom of Sinclair Canyon after Sinclair Creek crosses to the west side of Hwy 95.A slightly-wider than single track gravel trail follows Sinclair Creek through a forested area that makes you think you’ve left the village altogether.  Not a long ride, but well worth it.

Old Coach Trail

A popular choice with customers.Head down this double-track trail that connects to the south edge of Radium Hot Springs, just a couple blocks from our front door.  Enjoy spectacular views of the Columbia River Wetlands on your ride of up to 9 Km one way, then double back for a new view.  There’s a bit of an elevation loss/gain on this ride but it’s nothing you can’t handle.  Take along the trail guide and stop at the numbered markers.

Steamboat Mountain

A downhill bike trail network just north of Radium Hot Springs on the west side of the Columbia River Wetlands.  The front and back slopes of Steamboat feature rides for all abilities from smooth single track to stunts, airs and berms.

Kootenay National Park

Head into the heart of the Rocky Mountains to bike in the picturesque surroundings of Kootenay National Park. Biking is permitted on a number of trails within the park such as East Kootenay Trail accessed from the Dog Lake trailhead, West Kootenay Trail and Dolly Varden Trail accessed from the Kootenay Crossing Ranger Station and the Hector Gorge trail.  Most of these bike routes are Parks Canada fire roads.  Talk to our Kootenay National Park friends at the Radium Hot Springs visitor centre or the Park Gate for details on bike trail level of difficulty and conditions.


Located just outside Invermere on the road to Panorama Resort, less than 20 minutes from our front door. Head to this bike trail network for all levels of skill.  Rent a bike trailer or a tag-along bike and ride Junior Johnson with the whole family or step it up Along the Johnson, but be sure to stop and enjoy the view s of Toby Creek.

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Paddling Around Columbia Valley

The Radium Hot Springs and Columbia Valley area is saturated with lake and river options for paddling, floating and a day at the beach. Not sure where to go?  Here’s a few ideas in and around Radium Hot Springs, Invermere, the Columbia Valley and Rocky Mountains.

Lake Windermere

A common choice with paddle boards, kayaks and canoes, having two beach parks in Invermere, James Chabot Provincial Park and Kinsmen Beach, and a number of others around the lake.  Only about 15-minute drive time from our front door.

Lake Lillian

Just outside Invermere on the road to Panorama and about 20-minute drive time from out front door.  A favorite with customers renting paddle boards, kayaks and canoes.  This smaller lake has a picnic area and other facilities in a forest setting, and best of all no motorized boats!  Try your hand fishing here, we're told there's trout.

Dog Leg Lake

Feeling a little more adventurous?  This nearby back country lake just west of Radium Hot Springs is a great option.  Try your luck at fishing for trout or whitefish.

Columbia River & wetlands

Paddle and float with a kayak, canoe or even a stand-up paddleboard down the Columbia River for a day of adventure through the Columbia River Wetlands.  An excellent route for birdlife and wildlife spotting.

Columbia Lake

South down the Columbia Valley from Radium Hot Springs in the Canal Flats area you’ll find Columbia Lake and White Swan lake as great options with a kayak, canoe or paddleboard.