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Experience The Columbia

A Leisurely Paddle By Canoe or kayak Through One of The Largest Remaining Continuous Wetlands In North America Down The Columbia River

Enjoy a 3+ hour trip down the Columbia River between Invermere and Radium on a leisurely paddle through breathtaking scenery, possible wildlife sightings, stops for a dip or to fish and whatever else your heart desires.  A memorable experience for all ages.  Been their and done that with the Invermere-Radium route?  Ask us about Invermere-Edgewater, another excellent option!

You won't find a better way to spend the day!

Bookings and participation are subject to our terms & conditions, please familiarize yourself with them

Girl Kayaking
Kids Kayaking

A Self-Guided Adventure

Maximum convenience, you just need to get yourself to our location in Radium where the shuttle departs with you on board and the boats in tow.  You make your way down the river at your own pace and the shuttle collects you at the takeout, typically 3-4 hours start to finish.  Recommended for those who have kayaked or canoed before.

Your choice of a single kayak, tandem kayak, canoe or SUP

$69 per person

(taxes & fees extra)


A Guided Adventure

More comfortable on the river with a guide? Have one accompany you on the trip who'll bring a boat load of knowledge, experience and safety along.

Contact us for booking and pricing

Minimum group size/charge may apply

Your safety is our top priority!


Though the Columbia River is technically flat water it has a current that at times can be very swift, and contains hazards including a bridge with center pillar, a whirlpool and sweepers among others.  For your safety, each group receives an orientation and assessment of their paddling skills by our team member at the launch point.  If there's a concern by either of us for your safety on the river we will offer other options for you to have an enjoyable day on the water, but reserve the right to disallow paddling down the river.

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